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ESE Security Portal Help:
Create a User Name/Profile

Creating a User Profile is mainly for licensure and job matching functions found in ELAR.

You may find you already have a User Name and Password. That is, if you applied for a Massachusetts Educator's license before, or have ever worked for a Massachusetts school or school district. If you find this to be true, continue by creating a NEW Profile, and you will be directed to your credentials.

A User Name and Password is required for Login to the ESE Security Portal. Anyone may obtain a User Name and Password by creating a Profile for licensure and job matching services provided through ELAR, however school/district staff members may find they have to contact their Directory Administrator in order to be granted access to data collection and reporting tools such as MDCS or Dropbox.

After creating a Profile, keep your User Name & Password stored in a secure location for future reference. You will receive no email confirming this information. It will be required each time you log in.

When creating a Profile, there are a few things that can happen:

  1. You are asked to create a user Profile. This information is stored for ESE identification and administrative purposes only. Personal information is not shared or sold in any way. The process of creating a Profile consists of 4 pages, each asking for pertinent information that will be used in the ELAR application suite. Your User Name will be assigned automatically and cannot be changed. Your password should be changed to something that you and only you can remember. You will be asked to supply a Password Hint Question and Answer. This is a security feature that helps prevent unauthorized log in.
  2. You are asked for additional information. A school/district administrator or the ESE may have created a Profile for you while entering license information or adding you to a staff directory. You can complete the Profile setup by supplying a Password Hint Question and Answer. This is a further security feature that helps prevent unauthorized log in. Upon completion of this, you will receive your User Name and Password online.
  3. Your Profile is a partial match. You have supplied information that matches ESE records, but we are unable to complete the setup due to conflicting data (usually supplied to us by a Directory Administrator). Please contact your Directory Administrator to resolve the problem expediently. If they are unable to assist you, contact a ESE Customer Service Representative at (781) 338-6600.
  4. Your Profile is an exact match. You already have a Profile and you are reminded of your User Name. You are then given a chance to change your password after answering your Password Hint Question and Answer

Create a User Name/Profile

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